Our Philosophy

At Intermountain Hospital we are positively changing lives - lives that are affected by mental and emotional stress or chemical dependency. It is our philosophy that nobody needs to cope alone. We provide a safe and secure environment for addressing the pressing problems that can dominate those lives in our care.



Intermountain Hospital is located in Boise, Idaho near the foothills of Idaho's dramatic Sawtooth Mountains.

The Lobby


Intermountain's lobby features the natural colors of southwest Idaho in a comfortable, relaxing setting.



Intermountain Hospital has been providing quality psychiatric and chemical dependency services to Idaho's Treasure Valley and the western US since 1980.

Park-like Campus


The hospital is located on a spacious 10-acre, park-like campus located in central Boise.


Visitors are greeted at the hospital 24 hours a day by our friendly and professional staff.



Intermountain's New Start Center for Recovery features semi-private rooms, an exercise room, and other amenities in a free-standing building on the hospital campus.


Intermountain is guided by a mission to provide caring, quality health care services to our community, state and region.