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Adolescents Treatment

Adolescents Treatment

Intermountain Hospital offers a number of specialized treatment programs for adolescent patients, ages 12 to 17. Among these include the inpatient Journeys program, the Clean and Sober Teens (CAST) program to treat substance abuse, as well as our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) for adolescents.

Journeys Program

Through the Journeys program, Intermountain Hospital provides 24-hour inpatient care for adolescents ages 12 through 17 whose acute symptoms require a safe and structured therapeutic environment. Our interdisciplinary treatment team includes child and adolescent certified psychiatrists, counselors, psychiatric nurses, case managers and mental health technicians who work closely with the individual and the individual’s family. Our goal is to help each adolescent regain the necessary skills to be in maximum control of their emotions and behaviors and be able to proceed through life with a minimum of difficulty. And because behavioral health issues vary, we tailor our inpatient services to meet the specialized needs of each patient.

Clean and Sober Teens (CAST)

Intermountain Hospital offers a co-occurring disorder treatment track for adolescents. Named CAST, this TRICARE-certified program focuses on the needs of adolescents who are facing substance abuse issues, and have psychiatric or emotional problems as well. The treatment track requires hospitalization in a secure unit for 21 to 28 days. It features a curriculum created specifically for adolescents with co-occurring disorders.

Adolescent Partial Hospitalization

Intermountain Hospital’s Community Partial Hospitalization Program is a structured, therapeutic program that assists in transitioning patients from an inpatient hospital setting to a more independent life in the community. The program is designed to increase and maintain the therapeutic gains individuals have made as patients in the hospital. It may also help prevent the need for future hospitalizations. Community PHP is tailored to meet each individual’s needs and provides direction and tools that each participant can use in their daily lives.