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Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance Abuse Treatment

Intermountain Hospital offers a co-occurring disorder treatment track for adolescents. Named CAST (Clean And Sober Teens), this TRICARE-certified program focuses on the needs of adolescents who are facing substance abuse issues and have psychiatric or emotional problems as well. The treatment track requires hospitalization in a secure unit for 21 to 28 days. It features a curriculum created specifically for adolescents with co-occurring disorders. CAST is offered in conjunction with adolescent mental health services.

Specific program components include:

  • Comprehensive drug and alcohol evaluation which helps determine the extent of drug and alcohol use or abuse.
  • Acute psychiatric assessment and evaluation.
  • Individualized treatment plan based on identified needs.
  • Individual sessions with a master’s level therapist using a cognitive-behavioral therapeutic approach, two times a week, to increase knowledge about the addictive process, sober living skills and coping with feelings.
  • Individual sessions provide substance abuse/health-related education, but also focus on addressing denial, the individual’s use, the impact of that use for the patient and the patient’s family and the need to be in supportive recovery after discharge.
  • “My Personal Journal” is a manual, divided into six sections, that guides adolescents through a rigorous recovery program.
  • Group therapy using both cognitive-behavioral and rational-emotive-behavioral therapeutic modalities daily to address addiction, mental health, behaviors, or emotional issues.
  • Family therapy once weekly to help include families in the patient recovery and provide education on how to best support their loved one and coordinate aftercare.
  • Daily assessment and monitoring by a psychiatrist who provides medication and medication monitoring as needed. The psychiatrist is the leader of the treatment team and provides oversight of all patient care provided.
  • Educational services to provide each adolescent with time and assistance to keep current with school requirements.
  • Case management that will guide patients throughout their treatment and assist in transitioning to the next level of care.
  • Ongoing education in conjunction with patient’s school throughout their stay.
  • Key staff has years of military experience including special focus on separation issues, reintegration and developing resiliency skills.

My Personal Journal Topics

  • Substance Dependency
  • First Step
  • Spirituality
  • Feelings
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Life Management

Payment and Insurance Information

All insurance plans are different. This program must be pre-certified with your insurance company before a patient can be accepted. We will work with you, prior to admission if possible, to determine what benefits your insurance plan will cover.